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Inca Trail For Responsible Tourism. if  you  already booked the classic inca traail to Machu Picchu feel privileged, since there are many people who want this experience the trek.If you are going to spend your money, try to do it in the local communities, it will help your economy and increase the benefits you get from tourism; Which is often the sole livelihood of many families in these communities.

In addition, helping the local indigenous people  is an important way to encourage the authorities to continue with the permit system. Proving visitors from around the world, the permit system does not reduce revenue, but creates a healthier tourism industry. The conservation of the attraction itself attracts the “right” type of visitors, who are willing to participate in the protection of the Inca Trail and all that it houses.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the only one  with limited entrances; Which makes large numbers of tourists, you need to book with months in advance. Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu and Lares Trek have become the main alternatives treks to Machu Picchu for those who could not reach the Inca Trail; For those who want to leave the beaten path, or simply want a quieter trip, in addition the alternative walks are potentially less erosive.

Book the Inca Trail with us, take you on a responsible tourism adventure. Our long experience has allowed us to know in depth the potential impacts on the environment and local communities. Booking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Andean Path Travel is a responsible decision.

We are a tour operator with a history of responsible tourism practices; Committed to the employment of locals of nearby communities, justly paid. We have a policy of respect and ethics for our goalkeepers. Beyond money, we will connect you with people, with their culture and traditions, fostering a cultural exchange in a framework of respect.

Although the economy in Peru is on the rise; A third of the population lives in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, things are still very hard here. This is the mecca of trekking for adventurers and hikers from all over the world. But you should not forget that for residents, it is your home. Carrying out your walk with us ensures that 100% of the money you invest stays in Peru, helping these people, their families and the country’s economy.

If the cost of the trail is very cheap, you can be sure that the porters carrying your luggage will carry the worst part of the budget. Our porters are remunerated above what is established by law; Can chat with them, participate with them, sing with them, without any condescension.

The trek is tough in the rainy season, and it is best to avoid it during this season, as this is the worst time for erosion. However, it is very difficult to predict when the rainy season ends, especially when you have to reserve your permit months in advance.

If it rains and has a lot to carry, it is worth considering hiring an extra porter, to help you with your personal luggage. Not only will you be creating more tourism income for people from local communities, but you will be practicing responsible hiking, as the road becomes very slippery, you will have more control if you have less weight to carry.

Definitely think about using Trek Poles, but keep in mind that only those that have rubber tips on the Inca Trail are allowed; To protect the landscape and the stones. And these are not allowed inside the Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Try to avoid plastic water bottles as much as possible. Water purification tablets and a refillable bottle are your best choice, although you will have to wait 40 minutes while the tablets work, you will be able to use the water from the local streams at any time while traveling.

Be responsible with your health on the Inca Trail. Make sure you have a reasonable physical level before you go; We made sure he enjoyed the ride more, that way. Take a few days to acclimatize in Cusco. Always wear sunscreen and a hat, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Take the opportunity to stop smoking and breathe fresh air, but if you have the need to do so, bring one of those portable ashtrays with you.

Andean Path Travel is committed to the conservation of nature, offering training to local communities on how to conserve their lands. This with the awareness of knowing that we carry out our operations in intangible areas, natural reserves and world heritages.

For the walk, take cleaning supplies such as soaps, detergents and biodegradable bags, as well as ecological sunscreens.

Do not leave a trace. The Inca trail takes hundreds of years without having cigarette butts, bottles or other waste, so please do not start now. And anyway, it is said that if you drop a packet of Mars Bar, the Incas will pursue it for life.

In Andean Path Travel , we only use clean fuel (Gas). Kerosene is not allowed due to potential environmental hazards caused by the spill. Campfires are not allowed on the Inca Trail.

The word “gringo” is used to describe non-Hispanic white people, and is by no means a derogatory term. So do not let it affect you, instead take it as an incentive to learn Spanish. And if you are good with the languages, try to learn something of Quechua, the language of the Incas and mother tongue of most porters and muleteers.
The wool textiles of alpaca are a reward of the trip, they are very warm clothes that will be of great help to him in the Inca Way; But beware of fakes. Alpaca wool is expensive, so if they offer you something cheap, it is likely to be synthetic or a blend. Alpaca clothing feels greasy to the touch and loses some shape if stretched. If it smells bad when wetting it, it is likely to be flame wool. Say no thanks if you are offered mahogany or feathered items; Think, rainforest, its flora and fauna; It is almost certain that its source is not legal.

Probably only visit the Inca Trail once; So enjoy.


  • Once in a lifetime experience
    David acted as our guide during our 4 day Inca Trail adventure in April. David went above and beyond for everyone and really made the trip a “once in a lifetime” experience.
    No question was a stupid question and we learnt so much during the hike itself and when we eventually reached Machu Picchu. When we struggled up those Incan steps David was there offering support and never made anyone feel they were lagging behind or causing an inconvenience. I can’t recommend David or the Inca Trail enough and I will definitely be back!!

    Sarah Cloonan
    Dublin - Ireland
  • Machu Picchu would not have been the same without doing the 5-day comfort tour of the Inca Trail first, and entering through the Sun Gate. David and his crew did a phenomenal job taking care of us, with patient hiking tips, amazing meals and exceptional service every step of the way. My husband and I are both in our 50’s, and we went with our 24 year old son. The altitude was definitely noticeable the first two days, and when they say the hike is challenging – they mean it! However, the physical exertion is well worth the effort for the breathtaking views! David timed our day so that we had plenty of time to comfortably hike, and still enjoy all of the scenery. He chose the best camping spots so we could relax in the evenings with a cup of coca tea and watch the sunsets! This was definitely a once-in-a-life-time experience! Put this on your bucket list!

    Sandra M
    Italy - Rome
  • Once in a lifetime” Experience
    When i did the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in June a dream came true and i had the trip of my lifetime.
    I coud not wish for a better guide than David. He is a fantastic guide and made this trip to something special.
    Although the hike was very hard at some points, David was very supportive and helped every member of my group keep ging. He was very funny and we had always a good laugh together. Besides he had an awesome cultural and historical knowledge and told us a lot of interesting things about the trail itself and every ruin we visited, especially about Machu Picchu.
    David made our four day hike to an amazing and unforgettable experience and i highly recommend him as a tour guide to everyone i know.
    If i ever come back to Peru, i will definitely join one of Davids tours again!
    Lovely greetings from Germany

    Sarah Schoenborn
    Würzburg - Germany
  • Thank you David!
    Thank you for an incredible outdoore experience. 4 days Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu july31- aug4 was amazing. With our guide David and his stuff we had excellent food, breathtaking views, knowledgement of local culture and history and support of all kind when needed.
    I can higly recommend David and his stuff!

    Ingela D
  • Amazing !!
    I was fortunate enough to have David as a guide whilst doing the inca trail trek. David was knowledgeable, kind, engaging, fun and respectful. He took time to get to know each member of our group and allowed us to go at our own pace. I would highly recommend David as a guide for future travellers. 🙂

    Stepho Jenko
    Australia Meridional - Australia